Part 1: Plug Power Addresses Inaccuracies of Recent Seeking Alpha Article

December 7, 2018

By: Plug Power CEO, Andy Marsh


It’s been a busy day at Plug Power…

I would like to correct a few pieces of misinformation with regards to a Seeking Alpha article that came out today:

  1. It was news to us and our customer that we lost their business. Plug Power just shipped them units this month and will be continuing to ship them units in the future. By the way, the competitor has less than 3% of the entire fleet.
  2. Strange numbers on efficiency with no supporting data from any customer.
  3. The customer did not approve the PR that this article was based upon.
  4. Plug Power was not asked to comment or verify the accuracy of any statements made in the Seeking Alpha article.


Plug Power looks forward to continuing to support the 404 units we have in place with this customer – that have operated over 7 million hours.