New GenKey ReliOn Integrated OSP Gets Unusual Kick Off at UTC Technology and Telecom Show

June 22, 2015

Exhibitors bustle around, making last minute adjustments to their graphics and equipment, wiping down countertops, hitting “play” on video displays.  Then, in the distance, the sound of drums and the clash of cymbals erupts and we see a marching band in the middle of the tradeshow floor. Is this a surprise party for the new ReliOn hydrogen and fuel cell offering that will be on display?
No, it’s just the traditional opening of the tradeshow floor at the annual UTC Telecom & Technology conference.  Conference attendees flow into the exhibit hall on the heels of the band and the tradeshow begins.

Plug Power highlighted its ReliOn stationary fuel cells during the May 6-7 event, showcasing the new Integrated Outside Plant solution. We discussed this GenKey ReliOn offering in more detail in a May 4th blog, but suffice it to say that the Integrated OSP is a novel and complete DC power system with hydrogen fuel cell back up power and room for communications equipment. This package, developed for use with SouthernLINC in a program announced earlier this year, is now available to all of our telecommunications customers. Consistent with other GenKey-model offerings, Plug Power is making adoption of hydrogen and fuel cells simple for stationary power customers.

boothAt the booth, Plug Power employees listened to conference attendees talk about the problems they are tasked with solving for their utility networks and discussed how the new Integrated OSP solves many of their challenges.

Almost always, the conversation turned to the following four key advantages.

Cost: A ReliOn Integrated OSP solution can save customers up to 33% on capital cost over generators by minimizing site footprint and associated site prep, construction time and solution integration.  Ongoing cost savings is seen due to reduced ground lease payments and simple maintenance compared to generators.

Component flexibility:  The Integrated OSP solution features a flexible cabinet that allows customers to use the communications and DC power equipment that works best for their network.

Reliability:  ReliOn fuel cell products were developed with the high-reliability needs of the communication service provider market in mind.  They have been proven in the field since 2003 at thousands of customer locations in 46 U.S. States and 34 countries.  GenFuel hydrogen supply offers simple, consistent refueling, whether for routine service, emergency service or disaster recovery.

Sustainability:  Zero-emissions performance gives customers the ability to contribute to corporate sustainability goals through the use of the ReliOn Integrated OSP solution.

All in all, we had great week in Atlanta showing potential customers the ease and grace of a GenKey ReliOn solution for their Integrated OSP needs. And, we can’t wait to transition conversations started at UTC Telecom & Technology into tangible deployments!