Marsh Participates in Roundtable with Congressman Tonko and other Capital Region Business Leaders

February 21, 2019

New York State Congressman Paul Tonko was recently elected Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Environment and Climate Change. On February 20, he convened a roundtable of New York Capital Region business leaders, including Plug Power’s CEO Andy Marsh, to discuss solutions of building a cleaner environment and stronger economy.

Plug Power innovates with clean hydrogen fuel cell power. But, behind every alternative energy power solution are jobs – well paying, clean tech, green jobs. Plug Power currently employs 267 from its Latham, NY headquarters, 694 globally. In just the past year, the company has expanded its footprint in New York State – opening manufacturing facilities in Clifton Park, NY and Rochester, NY. In total – these facilities are creating another 180+ jobs.  

Why is this important to Congressman Tonko, and the stronger economy he’s looking to create? Three words – The Hydrogen Economy. The Hydrogen Council’s McKinsey report, Hydrogen Scaling Up, has projected that the hydrogen economy could create opportunities for sustainable economic growth. They have mapped a market for hydrogen and hydrogen technologies with revenues of more than $2.5 trillion per year, and jobs for more than 30 million people globally by 2050.

“Most of the value creation in a hydrogen economy would occur in advanced industries. These industries create more employment and domestic value than the value chains of fossil fuels – directly, indirectly, and through implied effects. Given current estimates of roughly 12 jobs created directly and indirectly per million dollars of revenues in advanced industries, the hydrogen economy would directly and indirectly employ more than 30 million people. Roughly 15 million additional jobs would be associated with the value added around fuel cells, for instance in the production of vehicles based on the fuel cell powertrain.” ~ Hydrogen Scaling Up

The New York State Capital Region has long been known as the “Tech Valley”. And for a good reason. Congressman Tonko’s ticket to an even stronger economy lives here.


About Andy Marsh:
Mr. Andy Marsh is a prominent voice leading the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. In addition to his role as CEO of Plug Power, he is the  Chairman of the U.S.-based Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, and sits as a member of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Tactical Advisory Committee (HTAC). HTAC has the important responsibility to provide advice to the Department of Energy regarding its hydrogen and fuel cell program goals, strategies, and activities. Internationally, Mr. Marsh represents Plug Power in their role as supporting members of the Hydrogen Council, a global initiative of leading energy, transport and industry companies with a united vision and long-term ambition for hydrogen to foster the energy transition.