Market Trends are Driving European GenKey Product Adoption

Plug Power has expanded its GenKey ‘power, fuel, serve’ product suite in Europe in response to market trends that are influencing increased customer adoption. In support of the GenDrive European portfolio, Plug Power now offers its CE-certified GenFuel indoor dispensers and outdoor fueling stations, as well as a fully-operational SiteView fleet monitoring system.

European customers are now fully taking advantage of the benefits provided by the full GenKey suite of products and services- including increased productivity, lower operational costs, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Long-term Trends Driving Global Adoption

Plug Power has noted a set of undeniable and interconnected trends that are driving innovation – and these trends specifically are correlated with further adoption in Europe:

  • Electrification: Plug Power fuel cells combine the benefits of electrification with the benefits of traditional engines – long run times and range, fast refueling, and appropriate power and energy density.
  • Asset Utilization: The ability to get more out of forklifts in manufacturing and distribution centers reduces overall costs, improves return on assets, and provides the customer with a better overall experience. Plug Power’s full fuel cell solution plays an enabling role by limiting downtime for refueling, providing longer run times, and increasing productivity.
  • Autonomy: Plug Power’s fuel cell solutions provide increased reliability and range, but are equipped with performance and environmental sensors which support a deeper and more complete level of autonomy.
  • Data: Plug Power’s ability to harness and effectively leverage all of the data it collects from its GenKey fuel cell solutions creates robust information platforms that will increase value to customers over time.

“We’re excited to see customer adoption for our full product suite growing in Europe, in no small part due to the results our current GenKey deployments have produced so far,” said Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power. “Now, with the addition of our GenFuel and SiteView services in Europe, customers can leverage the full range of benefits offered by Plug Power’s industry-leading GenKey solution.”

Leading by Example: Colruyt

Belgium-based customer, Colruyt, has incorporated these full-service capabilities into its operations, replacing its third-party outdoor fueling system with a full Plug Power indoor dispensing hub. The indoor dispenser prevents operators at Colruyt from having to refuel in the elements, while also providing several user and safety benefits such as anti-drive away detection while fueling is taking place.

Additionally, the pairing of GenDrive fuel cells with GenFuel dispensers now gives Colruyt, and other European customers, full access to Plug Power’s SiteView suite of Internet of Things (IoT)-based tools, which can collect and analyze data from the deployed systems, constantly improving ongoing system reliability, lowering maintenance costs, and providing valuable operational transparency.

Colruyt is an €8.6 billion chain of supermarkets in Belgium and France. By the third quarter of 2017, Colruyt will be operating 75 GenDrive units in electric reach and pallet trucks.

Plug Power continues to innovate our product offerings to make hydrogen and fuel cell adoption easier, more efficient and more robust across our growing global customer base. #InfiniteDrive