Introducing GenCare: SiteView – An Intelligent IoT-based Data Suite from Plug Power

August 30, 2016

SiteView Room

Plug Power‘s GenCare aftermarket services packages are an integral component to our industry-leading GenKey “power, fuel, serve” bundle.  GenKey is designed to simplify the transition for customers to Plug Power hydrogen fueling and fuel cell solutions.  This blog will focus on GenCare, and its continually expanding contribution at customer locations.

Standard GenCare service packages include advanced system monitoring, preventative maintenance, periodic system enhancements, parts inventory logs, training and rapid-response onsite service by trained GenCare technicians.  GenCare has been offered to customers since 2014.

SiteView is Plug Power’s proprietary suite of IoT tools that provide game-changing fleet diagnostics, fueling data, and performance metrics to our GenCare customers.  SiteView is a key enabler providing unparalleled “best in class” uptime to industry professionals who use Plug Power’s GenDrive fuel cells to power their electric industrial trucks.

As a component of GenCare, SiteView’s intelligent data services provide timely information 24/7 that allows Plug Power to access, in real-time, the operational status of each fleet in the field through remote access, diagnostics, and reporting tools.

SiteView dataThe level of information available to customers is transformational – everything is tracked, from the upcoming maintenance schedule, to daily hydrogen fuel dispensing.  SiteView allows us to be proactive on maintenance needs while guaranteeing a minimum of 97% uptime at each location. This enables material handling professionals to do what they do best: keep those products moving across the supply chain.

Forklift fuel cellSiteView collects operational data, and then the information is delivered to our intelligent “rule-based” data compilation software, dissected and served back to our GenCare technicians in reports they can use.  The data helps these technicians to know when to optimally time maintenance activities to ensure that the material handling equipment is in service for as long as possible, which helps our customers be as productive as possible.  If the data indicates an emerging issue, technicians can schedule maintenance so that unplanned work stoppages do not occur.

Sys Assembly06_RT890_122115This information is important to Plug Power and our customers.  SiteView’s reporting tools share critical information enabling customers to make educated decisions regarding their fleets and employees as they strive for increased operational productivity. Already, many of our customers are benefiting from the use of SiteView.

The internet of things (IoT) continues to grow through all aspects of our lives.  With GenCare: SiteView, Plug Power has embraced the IoT to better serve the professionals we work with, proving that Plug Power continues to be the company that changes the way the world moves.  #InfiniteDrive