Industry VIPs Review Development of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Economy in China

September 21, 2016

Plug Power’ s CEO and President, Mr. Andy Marsh, met with Mr. Yong Wan, the Mayor of Wuhan on the morning of Tuesday, September 21 in Wuhan, China. Mr. Wan provided an overview of Wuhan city and the government’s initiatives Andy Marsh with major of Wuhan in support of local hydrogen economy and innovations. Mr. Marsh discussed Plug Power’s commercial fuel cell applications and ongoing collaboration with local companies and institutions around the world.

Wuhan, China, the capital city of Hubei province, has a population greater than 10 million and is the largest car manufacturing city in the world. “I am impressed by Mayor Wan’s leadership in Wuhan, a city full of great universities, many dedicated to developing innovative fuel cell and hydrogen technologies,” commented Andy Marsh. “He truly is guiding the development of the hydrogen economy in China.”   

Also attending the close-door meeting were Dr. Xianjing Yang, Party Secretary of Tongji University (4th to the right), Dr. Andy Marsh with university representatives in ChinaYanxing Wang, President of China University of Geosciences (3rd to the right), Dr. Yiguo Hao, President of Institute of Geoenvironmental Research (2nd to the left) , and Dr. Zhuoping Yu, Assistant to President and Dean of College of Automotive Engineering, Tongji University. Tongji University is one of top ten universities in China. It is also where China’s first fuel cell vehicle was built in its College of Automotive Engineering.

At the far right is Prof. Hansong Cheng at China University of Geosciences, the inventor of the world’s first on-board liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) device for fuel cell vehicles, which was successfully demonstrated in a fuel cell bus for Mr. Marsh and other VIP guests after the meeting.