Material Handling Fuel Cells

Tested. Proven. Rugged. Reliable.

If only your batteries worked as hard as your lift truck operators. The problem is, batteries can’t keep up. Battery droop limits productivity on Plug Power GenDrive hydrogen fuel cell solutionsthe floor. And, trips to the battery room mean waiting in line, downtime and lost productivity.

Get your productivity back.

GenDrive hydrogen fuel cells are designed specifically with the material handling industry in mind. As a drop-in replacement, our units fit seamlessly into your existing electric lift truck fleet – same weight, same dimensions, same connectors. An economically viable power solution, GenDrive allows you to drive productivity and streamline operations while maximizing your fleet uptime, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions at your facility.

Plug Power’s target material handling customers are looking to intensify their business and find the quickest return on their investment through construction of a new building, expansion of an existing facility or the purchase of new trucks.

Building a New Site:

If you are constructing a new facility, Plug Power can significantly reduce your capital investment by approximately $1M before you even break ground. Committing to a hydrogen economy at your facility eliminates the need to invest in expensive battery charging and changing infrastructure. At the same time, valuable floor space is made available for your business.

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