How Evolutions in LTE networks and Fuel Cell Power Have Changed the Site Paradigm for Utility Telecom

May 15, 2018

Plug Power spent May 8-10, 2018 at the UTC Technology & Telecom conference and tradeshow in Palm Springs, CA.  Darin Painter, our executive sales director for stationary power, spoke to attendees about how trends in LTE networks and backup power are meshing to morph best practices in utility telecom power.

Telecom Backup Power Trends

Industry surveys suggest that these three power trends are top of mind among telecommunications management goals.

Improving Efficiency

Doing more with less remains a significant focus, especially as carriers continue to roll out more LTE and small cell sites, and with discussions about 5G ensuring continued growth for the foreseeable future.

Industrial Internet of Things

The industrial IoT continues its rapid upward trend, with more and more instances of machine to machine communication enhancing the capabilities of the network.

Sustainability in Telecom

Sustainability is growing beyond corporate reporting goals and into larger portions of the network as costs come down and comfort levels with new technology rise.

Telecom Backup Power

Fuel cells mesh nicely with all three of these trends, while incumbent batteries and combustion generators can be challenged in some or all cases.

Trends in Backup Power


Keeping apprised of industry trends enables Plug Power to design backup power and communications solutions that solve challenges faced by telecom carriers.  Our GenSure suite of fuel cell products offers robust reliability in a low-cost package suitable for today’s more efficient, connected, sustainable network.  That’s why companies like Southern Linc continue to utilize GenSure fuel cells in their networks.