GreenH2@Work Employee Spotlight: Aysel Boniou

November 30, 2023

Aysel Boniou, a dedicated sales coordinator, is making waves in the international arena. She plays a crucial role in establishing the green hydrogen ecosystem for Plug. Plug’s collaborative culture has enabled Aysel to build trust and contribute to various projects. Her passion for Plug’s mission to revolutionize the energy landscape is undeniable. 

Playing a guiding role in shaping the green hydrogen ecosystem in Europe, Aysel actively engages with potential customers. Her goal is not to sell the products but to inspire customers with Plug’s mission. This has led to the facilitation of key electrolyzer products.

The dynamic atmosphere at Plug encourages employees to step outside of their job descriptions. Officially a sales coordinator, Aysel highlights this approach by actively engaging in tasks beyond her designated role.

Aysel’s ability to build trust within the European team has granted her the flexibility to undertake diverse ventures, showcasing both her adaptability and the company’s commitment to having a collaborative and innovative culture.

When we spoke to Aysel, she explained that she is willing and ready to aid any team or a peer who may just be looking for an extra hand.

Aysel’s ability to adapt to her daily tasks leaves her regarded as “swiss army knife.”

Since Plug recruited and hired Aysel, it has been a perfect match. She really enjoys the environment Plug offers, describing it as “easy-going” and “supportive.” She also “loves how much everyone cares.”

Plug’s goal to change the landscape of energy is one her favorite parts of the job as she feels that everyday she is “doing a good thing.”

Outside of building the green hydrogen ecosystem in France, she enjoys the aesthetic it has to offer. Aysel enjoys the scenery of Paris by taking leisurely walks and describes the city as “beautiful.” Her time in and out of the office includes appreciating the environment.

Aysel Boniou’s role at Plug goes beyond her title, exemplifying adaptability and collaboration. Her significant contributions to the green hydrogen ecosystem, coupled with a willingness to step into diverse ventures, showcase Plug’s dynamic work culture. Aysel’s ability to find inspiration in the captivating scenery of Paris adds a personal touch to her professional journey.