Green Hydrogen at Work: Plug Organizational Update

April 20, 2023

As Plug continues to grow and evolve, it’s essential to review the organizational structure to ensure optimal resource allocation and team focus. With big goals of achieving dominance in building the global green hydrogen ecosystem, it’s crucial to have a well-organized team working toward a common goal.

The company has set ambitious goals to build the world’s first end-to-end green hydrogen ecosystem and achieve 500TPD of green hydrogen generation in North America by 2025 and 1,000TPD globally by 2028. With 200TPD expected to be commissioned by the end of 2023, the organizational structure must support these objectives.

Sanjay Shrestha, Plug’s General Manager, Energy Solutions & Chief Strategy Officer, is responsible for the construction, production, management, and sales of green hydrogen plants and electrolyzers. The company plans to leverage synergies between plant construction and the sale of electrolyzers, liquefiers, and cryogenic trailers.

Meryl Mallery, Vice President of Engineering, is responsible for product development for the entire business, with a focus on driving innovation to create the next generation of MEA and stack technologies. One of the key organizational changes is the centralization of their engineering organization. By joining together as one team, they can attack challenges with agility and high quality, design and develop innovative products, and lead the green hydrogen market.

Dave Mindnich, Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing, is responsible for all global manufacturing, fabrication, and procurement of Plug’s products. With a thorough understanding of the frontline workforce impact, Mindnich is building a solutions-oriented team that continues to push the boundaries of innovation. Plug’s global service organization provides frontline support and industry-leading hydrogen expertise to customers all over the world. As our business continues to grow, the company recognizes the importance of aligning as one highly-efficient team to deliver consistent and reliable lifecycle services.

Finally, Jose Luis Crespo continues to play a key role in Plug’s global success, serving as General Manager for Applications & Global Key Accounts. Under his leadership, Plug has made significant strides in fuel cell adoption, starting with deploying more than 60,000 fuel cells in material handling equipment – and looking ahead to deploying Plug’s fuel cell products into other global applications, including stationary power and on-road vehicle markets.  

In conclusion, Plug’s organizational structure supports our vision of designing and developing innovative products, improving project prioritization and delivery, protecting product development, and leveraging talent and product synergies across teams. With our talented and dedicated team, Plug is well-positioned to achieve our goals and lead the global hydrogen ecosystem.