Forklift Faceoff Game: Challenge Accepted!

April 17, 2020

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We welcome you to Forklift Faceoff: the game that allows players to experience first-hand the difference in productivity and operation when driving a fuel cell-powered forklift vs. one powered by batteries. Based on real customer data, now you can experience the benefits of zero-emission fuel cell power right from your computer or from most devices! 

For apple devices / phones

For all desktops, laptops and android phone users (in browser)

The Rules:

  • Run the pick route using the fuel cell-powered lift truck
  • Then, run the SAME route using the battery-powered lift truck
  • Let us know your scores on our Facebook page using #ForkliftFaceoff2020

Here’s what you may have noticed during the game:

  • Power. Fuel cell-powered vehicles operate at 100% power as long as there is fuel in the tank. Battery-powered vehicles degrade, causing the vehicle to run slower between battery changes or charges. 
  • Downtime. The fuel cell can be refueled much faster than the battery recharges.
  • Pallets moved. The fuel cell-powered vehicle is proven to result in an increase in fleet productivity. For high-asset utilization applications, like that seen in multi-shift distribution applications – full power vehicles with little downtime results in a more productive workforce.