July 8, 2020

In 2021, Tim Cortes was promoted to Chief Technology Officer for Plug. His focus includes responsibility for the company’s long-term technology strategy and vision. Mr. Cortes works with the leadership team to develop technology roadmaps, design solutions and implement processes that make technology development a significant differentiator for Plug. He collaborates with industry leaders and assesses customer needs to ensure that the organization proactively anticipates, supports, and solves technical problems in support of customer issues. Additionally, Mr. Cortes identifies potential M&A opportunities that will drive the technology roadmaps as well as position Plug Power to vertically integrate in key component and subsystem elements.

Mr. Cortes joined Plug as Vice President of Hydrogen Energy Systems in January of 2015. Prior to joining Plug, Mr. Cortes served as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering at Smiths Power. In these positions, he was responsible for research and development, as well as solutions for global applications. During his tenure at Smiths Power, Mr. Cortes led product line expansion that resulted in a doubling of revenue growth in less than six years.

Mr. Cortes holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from New Mexico State University. Additionally, he holds several patents covering power system architecture.