September 30, 2022

Benjamin Haycraft is the Executive Vice President of the EMEA region for Plug where he oversees business initiatives and operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa to accelerate the company’s growth.

Mr. Haycraft joined Plug in May 2021 as Vice President of Strategy & Business Development in Europe. In that role, he helped define and execute Plug’s European strategy and contributed to Plug’s European initiatives, including the JVs with Renault (Hyvia) and Acciona Energia (AcicionaPlug), the acquisition of Plug’s system solutions group, the first green hydrogen plant in Europe, and broadly identifying strategic partnerships and structuring acquisitions. Prior to Plug, Mr. Haycraft served as Head of ESG Corporate Finance at Santander Corporate and Investment Banking where he advised on ESG corporate finance topics, including the structuring of Plug’s joint venture with Renault and Acciona.

Mr. Haycraft has international experience working in New York, Madrid and Paris, and has held several leadership positions across strategy, financial planning, and merger and acquisition execution. Mr. Haycraft also serves as a supervisory board Member for Hyvia, a board member for AccionaPlug and Gravithy, and chairman of the expert committee at HY24. He earned his masters of science in corporate finance from Emlyon Business School.