Diving into Plug Power’s SiteView IoT Tool

June 7, 2017

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Plug Power has discussed SiteView, its proprietary suite of IoT tools over the past months, as a tool that provides game-changing fleet diagnostics, fueling data, and performance metrics to our GenCare customers. We’ve discussed how SiteView:

  • Tracks everything, from the upcoming maintenance schedule, to daily hydrogen fuel dispensing
  • Allows Plug Power to be proactive on maintenance needs while guaranteeing a minimum of 97% uptime at each location
  • Delivers data to our intelligent “rule-based” analytics software, while also delivering service reports to our GenCare technicians

Plug Power’s intelligent systems monitor performance based on data successfully being captured from GenDrive and GenFuel products – at each refueling obtained data is transmitted to Plug Power’s cloud database.

Plug Power SiteView centerMost recently, Plug Power showcased a SiteView exhibit at the ProMat trade show in Chicago, IL. Customers enjoyed seeing, first hand, the methods Plug Power uses to track and monitor data.


SiteView Fleet Ops Screen
The Fleet Op Screen is a live customer site availability tracker. Data is captured and transferred to technicians to ensure Plug Power can guarantee 97%+ availability. This portal is actively monitored by customer service and technical support teams in Latham, NY, Chicago, IL and Dayton, OH around the clock.

SiteView Customer Unit Status screen

Fleet Customer Status Screens update every time a GenDrive refuels at a GenFuel dispenser. Each bubble shows a different system check, including software, stack performance and system efficiency.  System maintenance is needed when a check fails and a green bubble changes color: yellow for low priority and orange for high priority.


SiteView GenFuel hydrogen fueling screen
The GenFuel Hydrogen Stats screen tracks, real-time, the daily and cumulative dispensed hydrogen totals from a GenFuel dispenser into a GenDrive unit. This metric is increasing exponentially, reaching above 10,000 fuelings each day – that’s roughly one every 8 seconds.



SiteView GenDrive Runtime Screen


The GenDrive runtime screen similarly tracks the cumulative GenDrive system performance hours of our 14,000+ units in the field. This number is growing nearly exponentially annually, currently increasing 1.55 run hours every second of the day.



The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow through all aspects of our lives. With GenCare: SiteView, Plug Power has embraced the IoT to better serve the professionals we work with, proving that Plug Power continues to be the company that changes the way the world moves.  #InfiniteDrive