Congratulations on your retirement, Jim. Thanks for more than 18 Years of Infinite Drive!

February 15, 2018

Around Plug Power, Jim D’Aleo is known as the grandfather of fuel cells. It may be his dedication, his get-it-done attitude, his humble approach taken to his work, his countless patents, or the fact that he’s mentored multiple generations of fuel cell engineers. But in any case, Jim’s 18 years at Plug Power has been instrumental to helping us build our business today, and I congratulate him on his retirement.

Jim, Plug Power’s Principal Mechanical Engineer, joined Plug Power in 1999. Over the past 18 years, Jim has repeatedly led entire teams in the design of Plug Power’s liquid-cooled, air-cooled and metal fuel cell stack technology.  His meticulous work in structural integrity analysis has enabled Plug Power to build products that positively react to real-world forces. It’s a fact that Jim’s work has deeply influenced Plug Power’s natural progression into successful mobility-power applications.

Every company has model employees that not only influence product’s fit, form and function, but also provide a cornerstone to corporate culture. At Plug Power, Jim is one of these employees. On behalf of the Plug Power team, we thank Jim for his years of loyalty, and wish him a happy and relaxing retirement. Congratulations!

Andy Marsh