Posted: September 29, 2022

From Grey to Green: How Refineries Can Turn to Plug for a Green Transition 

All eyes are on oil companies to find ways to become carbon neutral, especially with the realization that the more than 1,000 oil refineries in the world contribute to at least 4% of the global carbon emissions.  Leading the industry in finding environmentally friendly alternatives is Irving Oil, a Canada-based international energy company, that recently ...

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Posted: September 13, 2022

[email protected] Employee Spotlight: Koshu Takatsuji

Plug’s Market Strategy Analyst on helping governments and businesses transition to green hydrogen. Since joining Plug six months ago, Koshu Takatsuji has had many career highlights. As a market strategy analyst, Takatsuji is tasked with identifying markets where hydrogen can be used to decarbonize operations, while also examining the technology and costs needed for success. ...

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Posted: September 1, 2022

SK Plug Hyverse, Coupang, and Kendall Square are Set to Build South Korea’s First ‘Eco-friendly Hydrogen Fulfillment Centers’

– SK Plug Hyverse, Coupang Fulfillment Services), and Kendall Square Asset Management have signed an MOU for Construction and Operation of “Eco-friendly Hydrogen Fulfillment Centers”– The cooperation is aimed to phase in the “Eco-friendly Hydrogen Fulfillment Centers” starting with the conversion of electric forklifts to fuel cell and hydrogen power, and the construction of hydrogen ...

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Posted: August 30, 2022

Truth is Power: Hydrogen Safety 101

Allow us to debunk the myths about hydrogen safety with real-life evidence. By Dr. Luke Wentlent It is no surprise that in recent years eyes have turned to green hydrogen as a core component of helping the world reach net zero. Hydrogen is an energy carrier, which can be produced in a zero-emission, environmentally responsible ...

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Posted: August 18, 2022

SK E&S and SK Plug Hyverse Partner with Korea South-East Power for Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia Production

– SK E&S-SK Plug Hyverse-South-East Power signed an MOU for ‘Cooperation for production of green hydrogen and ammonia at home and abroad’– SK Plug Hyverse plans to apply PEM electrolyzers to be locally manufactured in Korea– Green ammonia and green hydrogen to be fed into South-East Power’s thermal power plants for co-firing Source: SK E&S press release SK ...

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Posted: August 18, 2022

[email protected] Employee Spotlight: Victoria Armstrong 

Armstrong comments on how Plug is at the forefront of hydrogen. Supporting businesses as they transition to hydrogen energy may seem daunting for some, but for Victoria Armstrong — it’s her daily motivation.   Armstrong is Plug’s project controls manager. She joined Plug in January 2022 as an employee of Joule Processing, which was acquired by ...

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Posted: August 12, 2022

Plug CEO Andy Marsh on Passage of Inflation Reduction Act

“This is a monumental day for the American people as lawmakers come together to make a significant investment in clean energy and job creation. The House’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 represents our country’s commitment to creating a cleaner future with green hydrogen. We are thrilled to see the bill through the ...

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Posted: August 11, 2022

Electrolyzers and Water: Saving Water, Powering the World with Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen production isn’t just carbon-free, it can be independent of the grid. by Dr. Thomas I. Valdez, Principal Engineer for Office of the Chief Technology Officer  Energy created by using water, which does not emit carbon, and is independent of the electrical grid seems far-fetched. This is possible with hydrogen. However, some people question ...

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Posted: July 20, 2022

How Do Billion-Dollar Warehouses Save Money? Fuel Cells.

A fuel cell is not only more cost-efficient than a lead-acid battery, but it’s also better for the environment. For years, lead-acid batteries were trusted to power material handling operations around the world, but better technology has delivered better options. Fuel cells, an area Plug has long-dominated, is quickly becoming the go-to solution for global ...

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Posted: July 19, 2022

U.S. Government Can Accelerate Clean Energy Use, Plug CEO Tells Senate

Plug CEO Andy Marsh detailed how American lawmakers could increase the use of hydrogen and decarbonize the country. The hydrogen economy is growing rapidly, but the federal government can accelerate the clean energy transition, Plug CEO Andy Marsh told the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources at a Tuesday hearing where lawmakers discussed ...

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