Blog: The development of the GenKey Operational Model

January 24, 2014

The development of the GenKey Operational Model

GenDrive hydrogen fuel cells provide a very attractive option for material handling operations across North America, simply because they improve productivity while reducing operating costs. Yet, GenDrive is just one element in an overall solution that even today involves a lot of savvy market knowledge and contacts just to get started. The work involved in the transition could seem daunting to facility managers and operational staff. Coordinating all of the non-related vendors raised the fear of the unknown when moving to a new hydrogen solution.

So, to the rescue, Plug Power presents GenKey.

GenKey simplifies everything, by letting Plug Power assume control. GenKey combines together:

  • fuel cells
  • infrastructure and fuel
  • service

For a one-stop-shopping option for customers.

What are customers saying?

Plug Power has the best customers – companies that operate multi-shift operations and appreciate the value that comes along with fuel cell-powered productivity gains. It’s with their support and trust, coupled with Plug Power’s expertise in the hydrogen fuel cell field, Plug Power is able to roll out a proven and scalable GenKey service.

Plug Power has deployed the GenFuel infrastructure and fuel elements at Walmart’s, Washington Courthouse, OH, facility starting in 2012. Plug Power designed and built hydrogen piping and dispensing system, and proved-out the way it can distribute fuel cost-effectively.

In parallel, Plug Power has provided GenCare service contracts for North American customers since 2009. The first service customer was Central Grocers, and today, more than 50% of GenDrive customers participate in the GenCare service plan. Plug Power is on-call, on-site and on-time to ensure top fleet up-time and continuation of business.

When you take the proven foundation set by GenDrive fuel cell units, and couple it with fuel and service, the GenKey operational model writes itself! And the best part, this model translates to whatever future fuel cell power unit Plug Power will develop, such as power for TRUs or hybrid electric-hydrogen delivery vehicles. Hydrogen’s addressable market opportunity is expanding quickly at Plug Power.

In Conclusion

GenKey is the first package-deal solution for material handling customers in North America. GenKey not only simplifies the move to hydrogen fuel cells for any facilities that might be on the fence about this technology, but it also provides additional savings and growth opportunities for existing hydrogen users through improved fleet monitoring and facility utilization.