Blog: Plug Power’s liquid-cooled stack success

October 14, 2014

Plug Power’s liquid-cooled stack success

By: Andy Marsh
October 14, 2015

Last week, Plug Power discussed our development activities integrating the ReliOn air-cooled stack technology into our class-3 GenDrive products. In parallel, Plug Power and our HyPulsion stack development team have made significant progress on the liquid-cooled side of our stack business.

The liquid-cooled stack will be used in all GenDrive class-1 and class-2 products. This stack technology is favorable for high-power applications and has a higher power density than the air-cooled stack technology. The challenge was developing a stack that would successfully fit into the restraints set through the existing battery space. This was successfully accomplished.

Great progress has been made to date. We’ve evaluated MEAs from key membrane suppliers like 3M and others – and have down selected finalists to use in our design. Additionally, simulations have been completed to determine plate active area and size of stack needed for our products.

The HyPulsion team has strong electrochemists. And Plug Power is home to strong system and mechanical designers. One of our most important activities has been to adjust the GenDrive balance of plant to support the new Plug Power liquid-cooled stack. Key adjustments will allow for improved gross margins and improved reliability of the product.

Today, the stack design is being tested in France and will be tested in Latham later this month. We remain on schedule to release this product in the fourth quarter of 2015.