Blog: CALSTART Membership Helps Plug Power Increase Hydrogen Fuel Cell Awareness and Drive Clean Motive Power and Transportation Policies

January 22, 2015

CALSTART Membership Helps Plug Power Increase Hydrogen Fuel Cell Awareness and Drive Clean Motive Power and Transportation Policies


By Jim Petrecky

As more and more businesses and organizations jump onto the clean tech bandwagon, it is becoming very clear that green motive power is here to stay.

That’s why Plug Power became one of the 150+ international businesses and agencies that are members of CALSTART, an organization dedicated to the development, expansion and implementation of clean, efficient transportation technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide better air quality, create new jobs, and cut down on imported oil usage.

And we’re not the only ones who have joined this impactful organization. CALSTART recently announced that the group is growing, which we find mirrors the growth we are seeing at Plug Power with the adoption of our commercially viable hydrogen and fuel cell solutions.

With the launch of GenKey in 2014 – Plug Power’s all-inclusive solution that provides material handling customers with GenDrive hydrogen fuel cell units, GenFuel hydrogen fuel storage and dispensing infrastructure, and GenCare onsite maintenance service – we are experiencing a significant rise in installations and deployment of our state-of-the-art power solution. GenKey takes the complexity out of the equation for customers – the move to fuel cells is seamless when you work with an expert vendor like Plug Power.

Creating the new hydrogen economy is a group effort. There are many competing green transportation technologies now available, and Plug Power is committed to raising the awareness of hydrogen and its critical role in efficiently powering fleet vehicles.

Membership in CALSTART gives Plug Power another face in California. CALSTART enables us to meet with professionals from California and other regions who are interested in sharing ideas on green motive power and transportation technology. Members also provide input on the policies that California is driving to improve air quality and reduce health hazards within the state and beyond.

Plug Power looks forward to sharing information with fellow members about how our hydrogen fuel cell solutions can help businesses meet clean transportation goals. Plug Power will also be serving as a CALSTART technology demonstrator in programs designed to convey the fuel cell experience and drive commercial acceptance of hydrogen within the transportation industry. For more information, go to the CALSTART website.

This is one of many opportunities Plug Power is taking advantage of to mold and develop the growing industrial market for hydrogen manufacture, delivery and storage. POWERAhead.