A New Back-Up Approach for Wireless OSP Delivers Simplicity through Integration and Provides Savings

May 4, 2015

Plug Power is introducing its Integrated Outside Plant solution at UTC Telecom this week in Atlanta. This package, developed for use with SouthernLINC in a program announced earlier this year, is now available to all of our telecommunications customers.

The Plug Power ReliOn Integrated OSP solution equips telecom customers with a reliable single cabinet solution for network power and communications equipment, providing customers with a reduction in capital and operational expenses at each site.

Here’s how we do it:

Component flexibility allows the customer to own the solution. The Integrated OSP gives customers the ability to configure their complete DC plant (AC entry, rectifiers and batteries), ReliOn fuel cell backup power and customer-provided DC power systems and communications equipment to meet site demands. It’s about changing the way the outside plant is deployed so that it makes sense for each network.


Lower Costs – Reduce capital cost and total cost of ownership.

As part of the integrated solution, ReliOn fuel cells provide an economically viable power solution designed to minimize site footprint and corresponding monthly lease payments while also lowering operations budgets through simplified maintenance. Customers save up to 33% in initial capital cost over a diesel generator for a 2.5kW solution; up to 18% for a 5kW solution.

Reduced footprint means up to 87% lower ground space lease payments compared to a non-integrated shelter solution.


Speed of Deployment. One crew. One visit. One pad. The ReliOn Integrated OSP minimizes site prep, construction time and return visits. It eliminates the trenching and conduit installation required for traditional connections from communications shelter to power solution, minimizing installation time.

Proven. The ReliOn fuel cell product line was developed with the high-reliability needs of the communications market in mind. Years of field operation tracking by outside agencies has verified reliability at 99.6%, comparing favorably to diesel generators, which typically have reliability of up to 88%.

Zero-emissions Performance. Clean, zero-emissions operation means not having to address fuel spill containment and air quality reporting requirements. Low heat and noise allow for placement in environmentally-sensitive locations including neighborhoods and national parks.

Safe, Convenient Fuel

GenFuel bulk refillable hydrogen offers one-stop shopping for fueling for routine service, emergency service or disaster recovery models. GenFuel hydrogen cabinets provide a storage space for fuel on site. When refueling is needed, the customer only needs to place a call. Plug Power makes sure the fuel is delivered, maintaining the fuel supply needed for fuel cell operation.


It’s time to take another look at hydrogen fuel cells for stationary power, because reliable power is about solutions that make sense economically, operationally and environmentally.