5M Hydrogen fuelings performed by material handling customers – no small feat, never done before, by anyone, anywhere.

February 6, 2017

You may remember that on February 3, 2016, NYS Senator Schumer performed the 1 millionth hydrogen refueling from a Plug Power GenFuel dispenser. (Did you miss it? Watch it here!)

1 year and 2 days later, we’ve crossed another threshold. On Sunday, February 5 at 9:22 am ET, an operator at Kroger performed the 5 millionth hydrogen refueling from a GenFuel dispenser in Louisville, KY. It was a close call – operators at Home Depot, Walmart, BMW, Lowes and Mercedes just missed being number 5 million. Cumulative of all 5 million fuelings, more than 3 million kg of hydrogen has been dispensed from Plug Power’s hydrogen stations into electric vehicles.

But what does this accomplishment really mean?

  • Plug Power’s customer fueling numbers are growing at an exponential rate.
  • On average, every 8 seconds, an industrial electric vehicle refuels at a Plug Power hydrogen station.
  • Enough hydrogen has been dispensed to take your car to Mars and back. That is, if there was a road to Mars.
  • A single distribution warehouse customer site today uses as much hydrogen in one day as a consumer hydrogen fueling station expects to use in the year 2020.
  • If we total up all the time spent refueling, customers have spent 28 years at a GenFuel dispenser. If using traditional battery-power, this would have equated to 142 years of manpower changing batteries and 5,700 years charging them.
  • Electric lift trucks have operated for approximately 17 million run hours on 3 million kg of hydrogen pumped from Plug Power designed Hydrogen Stations.

Data is King
You may be wondering how we are able to give such detail regarding fueling. Thanks to Plug Power’s SiteView monitoring system, industrial mobility customers now have a level of specificity never before. SiteView is a proprietary suite of IoT tools that provide game-changing fleet diagnostics, fueling data, and performance metrics to our GenCare customers.  SiteView’s intelligent data services provide timely information 24/7 that allows Plug Power to access, in real-time, the operational status of each fleet in the field through remote access, diagnostics, and reporting tools. (Want to know more about SiteView – check out this blog.)

So, how long until we hit 10 million? Given our customer growth rate, station deployment and fleet ramp-up, the next milestone is just around the corner. Plug Power’s solutions are truly changing the way the world moves. #InfiniteDrive