Monthly Archives: August 2015

GenKey: Enabling the Auto Industry to Drive On, POWERAhead

Plug Power recently shared some detail about how our GenKey solution is greatly benefiting Walmart material handling operations across North America. But, it’s important to recognize that, while the retail and distribution industries are important to Plug Power’s growth strategy, another industry that continues to enable growth is auto-manufacturers. Prestigious auto-manufacturing… Read more »

GenKey Success with Walmart

Since GenKey’s inception in early 2014, its value proposition has been proven for many of our material handling customers, including Walmart. Plug Power’s GenKey solution packages all elements of a high-performance hydrogen fuel cell implementation together in one bundle for easy adoption: GenDrive fuel cell units, GenFuel hydrogen and fueling… Read more »

Satori Summer Camp

Eager students at Satori Summer Camp watched in anticipation as special guest professor Dave opened the valve from the small hydrogen cylinder to the fuel cell and a fan began spinning – clean electricity without combustion – almost like magic. Professor Dave is David Lott, Plug Power’s senior scientist, whose… Read more »