GenSure Fuel Cells

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GenSure, formerly called ReliOn, is Plug Power’s suite of highly reliable stationary hydrogen fuel cell solutions meeting critical backup power needs for these markets:

Plug Power’s GenSure fuel cell solutions provide scalable, clean, cost-effective performance while offering an unparalleled degree of flexibility in addressing the space and runtime constraints of customer locations, with both indoor shelter and outdoor cabinet options.

Unlike traditional generator or battery power technologies, which can be unpredictable and maintenance-heavy, GenSure fuel cell systems deliver reliable power over a wide range of operating environments. With more than 100 million installed hours of site power protection, GenSure fuel cell products are field proven.

Powering Your Possibilities.

  • Highly Flexible
    Built with a modular design, a variety of building blocks offer solutions for power requirements scaling from 50W up to 20kW or even higher. This allows customers to purchase the backup power they need now and grow as requirements change in the future, whether the equipment is located at ground level or on a rooftop. GenSure fuel cell products offer more than 190 possible configurations ensuring a solution to nearly all power challenges.
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
    Simple maintenance and fewer site visits mean up to 84% lower operational costs when compared to combustion generators. GenSure’s robust reliability eliminates the need for quarterly site maintenance visits, keeping personnel focused on their critical tasks.
  • Proven Reliability
    Third-party verified field reliability of 99.6%
  • Remote monitoring
    Using advanced control software with internet access lets the customer check the performance and health of the fuel cells from anywhere in the world, even the convenience of a home office.
  • Environmentally hardened
    GenSure fuel cell products operate in some of the harshest weather conditions, ranging from -40°F to 122°F. Certification testing has confirmed GenSure fuel cell capabilities through wind-driven rain, hot and cold, brush fire and earthquake conditions. More importantly, they reliably perform over and over during real world conditions.
  • Clean Power
    GenSure fuel cells are a part of many well-planned corporate sustainability programs. Clean, zero-emissions operation means not having to address fuel spill containment and air quality reporting requirements. Low heat and noise allow for placement in environmentally sensitive locations including neighborhoods and national parks.

It’s time to take another look at hydrogen fuel cells for stationary power, because a backup power choice is about more than meeting the requirements of a regulation— reliable power is about meeting corporate or agency objectives, whether those revolve around protecting lives or providing reliable communication for all.  Plug Power’s GenSure hydrogen fuel cell offers a solution that makes sense economically, operationally and environmentally.


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