GenFuel Hydrogen Solutions

Plug Power offers GenFuel hydrogen solutions to both its motive and stationary customers.

Today, the full solution involves three aspects:

  1. Hydrogen Molecule: Plug Power provides molecule delivery to the customer site based on customer use – on average, a material handling customer can use 200-300 kg of hydrogen a day. Plug Power leverages quantity buying power to ensure favorable costs to customers
  2. Infrastructure and Cabinets: GenFuel services include the design, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance for all the components required to successfully dispense hydrogen inside new or existing sites, without disrupting operations
  3. GenFuel Dispensers: With its proprietary hydrogen dispensers, Plug Power ensures a perfect integration of the refueling system with the Plug Power fuel cell products and provides unmatched reporting to help users keep track of their latest performance

Impressive Market Expansion Through GenFuel:

Plug Power has displayed our capabilities as experts in building hydrogen dispensing infrastructure for the $4 billion material handling market. And, we believe we can expand this market to serve a $40 billion market with the ability to deliver fuel cost effectively to sites of all sizes, within multiple industries.

GenFuel hydrogen economy

Plug Power is considering several strategic solutions, including:

  • Address smaller sites like retail stores and stationary power using electrolyzers or small reformers. This, alone, could increase our market in North America by over 20%
  • Migrate into hydrogen generation either on-site or at a larger facility to be used as a hub for hydrogen distribution
  • Develop a model for larger scale sites which would be required for transport refrigeration units

Our ultimate goal is to make hydrogen a ubiquitous fuel – we are putting resources and focus on hydrogen – the enabler. Then, making fuel cells a universal clean engine to replace diesel engines and batteries across a wide spectrum of industries.


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