GenSure E-2500™ Hydrogen Fuel Cell GenSure E-2500 fuel cell

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Plug Power’s GenSure E-2500 fuel cell is a fully integrated fuel cell system optimized for backup power applications and producing up to 2,500 Watts of power. Intended to operate as a valued component of a DC plant, the E-2500 provides reliable backup power when it’s needed. The E-2500 system’s robust design beats internal combustion generators with its third-party verified 99.6% reliability rating – its size, weight and safety characteristics make it the perfect choice for rooftop applications and next-generation telecom networks.

Like all of Plug Power’s GenSure fuel cell products, the E-2500 is a clean energy solution fueled by industrial grade hydrogen; emissions are limited to warm air and a small amount of water. The E-2500 system can affordably provide hundreds of hours of runtime between refueling visits and many years of service for critical equipment. It is the favorable choice regarding total cost of ownership compared to traditional backup power sources.

Powerful Benefits

The GenSure E-2500 fuel cell offers a variety of flexible installation options, including rooftop installation, which eliminates one of the most difficult challenges of customers plagued with an unreliable electric grid. Because hydrogen is a safe fuel, the E-2500 can be used on roofs without the spill containment issues of traditional liquid-fueled generators, simplifying siting requirements.

The E-2500 offers a weight ratio of approximately 54% of the pounds per square inch of the mass of a generator and 20% of the pounds per square inch of a similarly sized batteries-only solution with a much longer runtime. The noise of the E-2500 is approximately 20 decibels lower and the vibration non-existent when compared to a generator, making the fuel cell a rooftop winner.

Whether located on a rooftop, on an elevated pad or at ground level, the E-2500 is a valued component of many reliable, cost-effective networks, including the following:

  • Wireless telecommunication
  • Utility communication networks
  • First responder networks

Plug Power GenSure systems come equipped with multiple outdoor cabinet configuration options, allowing customers to purchase the power they need today and easily scale up in the same cabinet as requirements grow in the future. See our product catalog for a variety of indoor and outdoor configuration options.

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Note:Plug Power rebranded the ReliOn product as “GenSure” in 2016.