GenSure E-2200x™ Hydrogen Fuel Cell GenSure E-2200x fuel cell

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Plug Power’s GenSure E-2200x fuel cell system is designed for grid-support and high duty cycle customer applications, such as those found in developing countries or areas frequented by grid-interrupting harsh weather. It offers robust reliability providing extended runtime for critical equipment. The E-2200x fuel cell system provides DC power for equipment needing up to 2,200 Watts; multiple systems may be combined for higher power applications and/or N+1 redundancy. Fueled with industrial grade hydrogen, the only emissions are warm air and a small amount of water making the E-2200x exempt from the most stringent air quality standards and a valuable asset for CO2 reduction efforts.

Powerful Benefits

The GenSure E-2200x fuel cell offers a variety of flexible installation options, including rooftop installation, which eliminates one of the most difficult challenges of customers plagued with an unreliable electric grid. Because hydrogen is a safe fuel, the E-2200x hydrogen fuel cell can be used on roofs without the spill containment issues of traditional liquid-fueled generators, which simplifies siting requirements.

It offers a weight ratio of approximately 54% of the pounds per square inch of the mass of a generator and 20% of the pounds per square inch of a similarly sized batteries-only solution with a much longer runtime. The noise level of the E-2200x fuel cell is approximately 20 decibels lower and the vibration non-existent when compared to the generator, making the Plug Power GenSure solution a rooftop winner. Whether located on a rooftop, on an elevated pad or at ground level, the E-2200x is a valued component of many reliable, cost-effective networks, including the following:wireless telecommunication, TETRA networks.

Plug Power GenSure systems come equipped with multiple outdoor cabinet configurations scaled to provide the flexibility needed for a variety of high duty cycle or grid-supplement site requirements. See our product catalog for a number of indoor and outdoor configuration options.

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Note:Plug Power rebranded the ReliOn product as “GenSure” in 2016.