GenSure E-200™ Hydrogen Fuel Cell

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Plug Power’s GenSure E-200 fuel cell system is a highly reliable, zero emission power product wrapped in a compact, economical package. Fueled by industrial grade hydrogen, it can affordably provide hundreds of hours of highly reliable runtime for critical equipment.

Customers use the E-200 for a variety of small-scale back-up power applications from 50W to its rated 200W:

  • Railroad signaling and communications / Positive Train Control (PTC)
  • Microwave communications for flight navigation and information relay
  • Federal and state radio / repeater communication sites
  • Surveillance and security systems

Powerful Benefits

The E-200 fuel cell system increases the site reliability for critical equipment while providing up to several weeks of runtime between refueling visits. Instead of sending people with generators out to recharge site batteries designed to last for eight hours, these employees can be addressing other urgent issues, knowing that the Plug Power GenSure fuel cell is on the job. When all factors are taken into consideration, customers have found that fuel cells are far less expensive to own and maintain than conventional power sources.

Plug Power offers multiple outdoor cabinet configurations scaled to provide the flexibility needed for a variety of smaller backup power requirements. See our product catalog for a variety of indoor and outdoor configuration options.

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Note:Plug Power rebranded the ReliOn product as “GenSure” in 2016.