GenSure E-1100™ Hydrogen Fuel Cell GenSure E-1100 fuel cell

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Reliable backup power is about having the ability to get the job done even when conditions are challenging. Plug Power’s GenSure E-1100 is the optimal system for many customers including first responders in charge of protecting people and communications companies providing the ability for others to phone home.

The E-1100 is a fully integrated fuel cell system optimized for backup power applications and producing up to 1,100 Watts of power. The E-1100 fuel cell may be conveniently rack-mounted inside an existing telecom shelter or housed in an environmentally hardened outdoor cabinet for operation in a wide range of harsh conditions. Fueled by industrial-grade hydrogen, the E-1100 can affordably provide hundreds of hours of runtime between refueling visits and many years of service for critical equipment.

The E-1100 fuel cell system is used in a variety of field applications including the following:

  • Wireless telecommunications
  • Railroad microwave communications
  • Utility SCADA communications
  • Surveillance and security networks
  • Broadband DLC communications

Powerful Benefits

The E-1100 fuel cell system offers customers a more reliable, cleaner alternative to combustion generators. Its field-proven reliability of 99.6% compares favorably to generators, which typically offer reliability up to 88%. When considering total cost of ownership, the E-1100 fuel cell quickly proves its value by saving up to 84% of maintenance expenses annually over generators. It is scaled to handle smaller power loads more efficiently than larger generators and may be used in many hybrid power configurations including solar and wind for a clean off-grid solution. When weather conditions are threatening, it’s good to have a trustworthy backup power product.

Plug Power’s GenSure systems provide options for multiple outdoor cabinet configurations scaled for a variety of backup power requirements. See our product catalog for a number of indoor and outdoor configuration options.

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Note:Plug Power rebranded the ReliOn product as “GenSure” in 2016.