GenSure E-1000x™ Hydrogen Fuel Cell GenSure E-1000x fuel cell

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If your utility grid is unreliable or non-existent, the GenSure E-1000x power solution is ready to perform. The E-1000x produces up to 1,000W of robust, reliable DC power and comes with an industry-leading warranty, providing extended runtime for critical equipment. For higher power applications, multiple E-1000x systems may be combined.

Fueled by industrial grade hydrogen, the only emissions are warm air and a small amount of water. The E-1000x is exempt from the most stringent air quality standards and is a valuable asset for use in CO2 reduction efforts. The robust E-1000x fuel cell has been optimized for high duty cycle, grid-support applications like the following:

  • 3G and 4G wireless telecommunications in developing countries
  • Utility SCADA communications
  • P25 and TETRA networks
  • Off-grid hybrid primary power with solar and/or wind

Powerful Benefits

The GenSure E-1000x fuel cell system offers customers a more reliable, cleaner alternative to combustion generators. Its field-proven reliability of 99.6% compares favorably to generators, which typically see reliability up to 88%. When considering total cost of ownership, the E-1000x fuel cell quickly proves its value by saving up to 84% of maintenance expenses annually over generators. It is scaled to handle smaller power loads more efficiently than larger generators and may be used in many hybrid power configurations including solar and wind for a clean off-grid solution. The E-1000x is the trustworthy power solution for an environment where the utility grid is unreliable.

Plug Power GenSure systems come equipped with outdoor cabinet configurations scaled to provide the flexibility needed for a variety of site requirements. See our product catalog for a number of indoor and outdoor configuration options.

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Note:Plug Power rebranded the ReliOn product as “GenSure” in 2016.