Hydrogen for Stationary Markets

GenFuel Hydrogen for Stationary Markets Keeps GenSure Fuel Cells Ready to Perform whenever they’re Needed

Hydrogen cylinders

Plug Power offers its GenFuel hydrogen services to stationary power customers using the GenSure (formerly called ReliOn) fuel cell systems. Comprehensive GenFuel hydrogen storage enables customers to house fuel on site, maintaining a constant fuel supply as needed for the GenSure fuel cell systems. The fuel cabinets provide storage for multiple standard hydrogen cylinders, providing the ability to scale hydrogen supply to meet a wide array of runtime requirements. The cabinets are built with access doors to allow for simple hydrogen cylinder swaps or bulk refueling performed by the customer or GenFuel technicians in minutes.

Our tiered response offering allows you to manage both normal refills and disaster recovery models.  Plug Power’s hydrogen solutions are fueling global operations today.  GenFuel’s one-stop hydrogen solutions simplify the transition of your operation to GenSure fuel cells.

For more information on GenFuel hydrogen solutions, contact us at gensure@plugpower.com.