Outdoor Hydrogen Pad

The majority of hydrogen fueling equipment lives outside of the four walls of a material handling facility – allowing maximum room inside for revenue-generating activities. The outdoor GenFuel infrastructure requires a concrete pad, that’s it! The pure hydrogen is delivered through Plug Power’s distribution channel in liquid form. Liquid hydrogen deliveries are based on customer consumption rate and tank level.

The outdoor infrastructure consists of three primary components:Hydrogen Storage

  • Bulk Storage Tank: cryogenic storage that holds between 15,000-18,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen at -423°F
  • Compression Pumps: the system compresses liquid hydrogen to gaseous hydrogen at 7,000 psi
  • Gaseous Storage Tubes: storage system holds approximately 120 kg of gaseous hydrogen, enough for even the largest material handling facility

It’s that simple. From here, piping is continuous between the outdoor pad and the dispenser, assuring no potential leak point between mechanical connections.

For more information on GenFuel hydrogen solutions, contact us at genfuel@plugpower.com.