Outdoor Hydrogen Dispenser

Plug Power’s outdoor GenFuel hydrogen dispensers are currently being used with Plug Power’s GenDrive fuel cells for material handling and ground suOutdoor hydrogen fill stationpport applications. The simple hydrogen fueling process is very similar to fueling a car and can be completed in as little as 90 seconds.  The outdoor fueling infrastructure and dispenser development opens the door for the Company to provide hydrogen fueling to other new applications, such as electric vehicle range extenders.

The outdoor GenFuel hydrogen dispenser varies from its indoor counterpart by providing an all-weather enclosure capable of protecting the equipment from harsh elements that can be experienced at outdoor sites such as rain, snow, direct sun, high winds and extreme temperatures.

Plug Power’s first outdoor fueling dispensers were deployed in Memphis, TN in 2014 to support FedEx airport ground support equipment.

For more information on GenFuel hydrogen solutions, contact us at genfuel@plugpower.com.