Indoor Hydrogen Dispenser

Opportunity Hydrogen Fueling, at your Service!

Developed by the GenFuel team, Plug Power’s hydrogen dispensers are designed to interface perfectly with the GenDrive fuel cell to offer quick and convenient hydrogen fills. The simple hydrogen fueling process is very similar to fueling a car.  GenDrive fuel cells can be completely filled in as little as 90 seconds. That’s a significant improvement over even 12 minuteIndoor hydrogen fill station battery changes.

Refueling the GenDrive fuel cell is simple!

Step 1:Operator drives up to the GenFuel hydrogen dispenser at any point during their shift. The fuel cell does not need to be on “empty” to refuel.

Step 2:The operator connects three hoses – data cable, de-watering hose and fueling nozzle.

Step 3:While standing on the GenFuel safety mat, the operator presses the “START” button. The GenFuel dispenses pressurized hydrogen into the GenDrive on-board storage tank in as little as 60 seconds.

Step 4:Disconnect the cables and the operator is back on the floor and back to work!

Check out our fuel cell refueling video – it’s as easy as it sounds!



In addition to meeting the latest hydrogen fueling regulations, GenFuel dispensers offer additional features to prevent operator errors:

  • Depowering of the electric forklift during refill
  • Monitoring of hydrogen tank temperature
  • Safety pressure mat to ensure operators do not leave fueling stations during a fill
  • Interior bollard/rail system for added safety

The proprietary GenFuel dispensers offer customers remote-monitoring capabilities, providing the ability to acquire real-time operational metrics and system notifications providing convenient access to fuel levels. Over 6,000 kg of hydrogen is dispensed from GenFuel stations daily, proving reliable in the most demanding environments.

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