Hydrogen for Material Handling

GenFuel Hydrogen:A Solution Designed to Keep Your Trucks on the Floor

Why spend time changing and charging batteries, when GenFuel hydrogen eliminates one of the biggest logistical challenges of adopting fuel cells? Plug Power couples the GenDrive fuel cell system with GenFuel, a turnkey hydrogen fueling solution, to ensure that material handling operations are running at maximum productivity.

Every six seconds a GenDrive fuel cell is refilled using GenFuel hydrogen.

And, it’s a simple process, much like fueling a car. Lift truck operators drive their GenDrive-powered lift truck to any available GenFuel station, connect the fueling hoses, and in just minutes, are back on the floor. The tedious, unproductive battery changing task is an activity of the past.

Our goal is to help customers seamlessly integrate GenFuel hydrogen fuel storage and dispensing system without disrupting operations, while improving operational efficiencies and cost-savings of your facility. Plug Power is the industry leader constructing high-availability hydrogen systems and as a result, material handling customers across North America rely on GenFuel every day.

For more information on Plug Power and its hydrogen-powered fuel cell solutions, please contact us at genfuel@plugpower.com.

GenFuel Onsite Fueling Options

Plug Power’s GenFuel solution provides a standardized onsite hydrogen fueling infrastructure. GenFuel sites can be completely constructed in as little as 16 weeks.

GenFuel installation plan

GenFuel infrastructure services come complete with the solid expertise of a GenFuel installation specialist, a single source for all communications and the key connection to the knowledgeable, highly experienced project management team. Plug Power manages the entire project. We build cost-effective and high-performance infrastructure across North America every day – so the process is seamless. It’s professional. It’s done properly.

Bottom Line:Powering Your Possibilities with GenFuel just makes sense!