Series 2000 Fuel Cells

GenDrive Series 2000 Fuel Cells for Reach Trucks

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Plug Power’s GenDrive fuel cell products elevate lift truck performance to exceed the demanding requirements of high-volume manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations. Your reach trucks will lift heavy loads with accelerated speed, maintaining momentum during an GenDrive forklift fuel cell class 2entire shift, even in environments with temperatures as low as -22ºF.

Plug Power offers 24V, 36V and 48V GenDrive Series 2000 fuel cell products for:

  • Stand-Up Counterbalanced Trucks
  • Stand-Up Reach Trucks
  • Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Man-Up Orderpickers
  • Turret Trucks

Powerful Benefits
GenDrive Series 2000 fuel cell products enable reach trucks to extract goods from high racks and move them down to ground level with optimum performance. Our proven combination of fuel cell stack and advanced power management technology balances the need for rapid acceleration with operational efficiency, while generating zero greenhouse gas emissions.

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