Series 1000 Fuel Cells

GenDrive Series 1000 Fuel Cells for Counterbalanced Trucks

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Plug Power’s GenDrive fuel cell products elevate lift truck performance to exceed the demanding requirements of high-volume manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations. Your counterbalanced trucks will transport more heavy pallets faster, keeping operations on Class 1 fuel cell forkliftschedule.

Plug Power offers 36V and 48V GenDrive Series 1000 fuel cell products for:

  • 3-Wheel Sit-Down Trucks
  • 4-Wheel Sit-Down Trucks

Battery Droop is a Problem of the Past
The heavier your pallet, the faster your battery will drain. When using GenDrive fuel cell power for your lift truck power needs, you can expect full power for the entire shift, even when the fuel is running low. Similar to a vehicle – as long as hydrogen fuel is in the tank, your fleet runs at maximum performance. And, when it’s time to refuel, operators complete the activity in less than two minutes, compared to 12 minutes changing batteries.

The return on your productivity is profound. 

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