The Hydrogen City

Plug Power continues to innovate end-to-end hydrogen solutions that enable industry professionals to reap the full benefits of hydrogen and fuel cell technology solutions available now, while providing technological inspiration for the hydrogen city of the future.

Now:GenFuel hydrogen solutions enable cost-effective productivity advancements that also enhance sustainable development:

  • Stations at customer warehouses and distribution centers
  • Storage options for larger, smaller and multi-site operations
  • Refueling services for telecom, utility and railroad professionals

Plug Power’s success today providing viable hydrogen solutions for the fuel cell market sets the stage for sustainable development over the next quarter century. But, there is much to be done to make the world a more innovative, efficient and environmentally conscious place by 2040.

To get to the ‘hydrogen city’ concept that includes the captive, tethered and local, regional and national fleets, we need to develop a comprehensive roadmap to fund, develop and implement a repeatable expansion of hydrogen fuel.  Whether for mobile or stationary power applications, the catalyst to all of this development includes affordable, reliable hydrogen.

Innovations Leading to the Hydrogen City:

  • Electrification of fleet vehicles and ports enable continued centralized hydrogen station development, which drives down product cost and enables further sustainable development in the hydrogen city
  • Advancements in renewable electricity and biogas drive down green hydrogen fueling costs
  • Affordable and available hydrogen leads to accelerated growth of fuel cell power in consumer vehicles, backup power, drones and other vital components to a sustainable city
  • Central hydrogen distribution that uses liquid hydrogen; easily transported and occupies a much smaller footprint

The Hydrogen City is not so far away.  Continued incremental innovation, today being led by Plug Power, will make expansive hydrogen availability a reality sooner than we think.

Hydrogen City