Fuel Cells and the Industrial IoT

 the Industrial IoT

At the rate the Internet of Things (IoT) space is progressing, it’s not going to be long until our daily lives consist of a series of interlocking IoT-enabled services. Whether it’s household items like Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Nest thermostat, or the connected technology powering newer vehicles, already millions of households are experiencing this shift from sunrise to sunset. However, there’s an Industrial IoT-facilitated revolution underway behind the scenes at warehouses across America- and it’s impacting the foundational services that allow all of us to live comfortably in our 21st century homes!

Fuel cells have stepped boldly into the industrial internet of things.  Tools such as Plug Power’s SiteView intelligent data suite enable us to provide unparalleled “best in class” uptime to professionals who use Plug Power’s GenDrive fuel cells to power their material handling equipment.  This Industrial IoT helps warehouses speed up the process of getting food, goods, clothing and even cars to retail locations and into our homes.

Plug Power’s GenSure backup power hydrogen fuel cells utilize Industrial IoT-enabled monitoring to ensure robust reliability.  This includes monitoring fuel levels, so customers can be prepared for the next grid outage – whether their mission is saving lives or ensuring constant communication.

And this is only the beginning.  Plug Power continues to innovate around the Industrial Internet of Things.

  • Plug Power’s work with electric ground support fleet vehicles for airports uses the same IoT monitoring we use in our warehouse forklift fleets. Availability of copious amounts of data is important in airport applications, as it enables customers to better optimize routes and fueling locations.
  • Plug Power is continuing to leverage the shift to electrification by exploring fuel cells in on-road trucks, delivery vans and other electric vehicles. IoT-features ensure vehicle range is optimized in an ROI-monitoring way.
  • Plug Power’s SiteView data platforms are designed to adapt IoT-features in any future application using a Plug Power fuel cell.

The Internet of Things is here to stay.  It’s making a difference to customers today, and it’s a direction we’re strongly committed to for the future.