Fuel Cells for Railroad

There are more than 212,000 miles of railroad track in the U.S. that are used to transport both goods and people. Alongside the track is a variety of equipment used to ensure public safety and continued railway operations. GenSure railroad fuel cell

Plug Power is supplying railroad fuel cells for a number of customers to increase the reliability and runtime for critical sites – and the safety factor for railway employees and the general public – by hardening sites against grid-interruption events.

GenSure (formerly called ReliOn) fuel cell products provide solutions for many railroad backup power or off-grid power applications:

  • Crossings
  • Wayside Signals
  • Positive Train Control
  • Defect Detectors
  • Slide Fence Locations
  • Yard Applications (i.e. RCL, cameras)
  • Solar-Hybrid Powered Switches, Signals and Control Points
  • Communications for Base Stations and AEI Sites

We invite you to become a Plug Power customer. Contact us to start the conversation:gensure@plugpower.com.