Fuel Cells for Retail Distribution

Retail distribution centers operate around the clock, 364 days a year. It’s a business that does not stop – so workers and their lift trucks can’t stop either.Plug Power hydrogen fuel cell


GenDrive fuel cell-powered forklifts and other material handling equipment allow operators to excel during the frenzy of shelf stocking and product picking.  Plant and fleet operations managers can rely on a productive and predictable workforce.  GenDrive fuel cells increase the productivity of the lift truck fleet runs – the trucks operate with consistent power for an entire shift, eliminating challenges that come with a depleting battery.

When it’s time to refuel, management knows operators will be back on the floor quickly. GenDrive fuel cell forklifts, pallet jacks and other equipment can be refueled in just minutes, replacing the 12-15 minutes dedicated to battery changes in the past. This level of predictability allows fleet managers at retail customer sites to properly schedule and scale their operations to cost-effectively meet demands.