Fuel Cells for Food Distribution

Plug Power’s GenDrive fuel cell product offers a unique advantaPlug Power hydrogen fuel cellge for food distribution customers using pallet jacks, forklifts and other material handling equipment given its proven and maximum performance in environments as low as -22 degrees F. In comparison, a battery’s life can be reduced by 30% to 50% if its internal temperature reaches 30 degrees.

More than 70% of Plug Power GenDrive customers have a freezer space in their facilities. Hydrogen fuel cells continue to provide full power in cold operations, and they run up to twice as long per fill-up compared to battery-powered units. This not only allows operators to stay productive longer moving goods around, but also means fuel cell-powered lift trucks can remain in the cold storage facility for longer periods of time.

Get the Lead Out

Using GenDrive, the dangers associated with using lead and acid around food are eliminated. GenDrive contains no toxic materials and only emits heat and water as byproducts. It’s safe for your employees, safe for your community, and safe for your customers.

It’s no wonder so many material handling food distribution customers with refrigerated warehouses have turned to GenDrive fuel cells to power their forklifts!