Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Week – That’s a Wrap!

October 11, 2019

It’s been an exciting week here at Plug Power, and across our industry, celebrating Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Week. We’ve had a lot going on. In case you missed any of it, here’s a recap.


We started the week by declaring that we couldn’t possibly keep our celebration to only one day! We were joined in our exuberance by Senator Blumenthal, who said, “This day recognizes the pivotal role that the hydrogen and fuel cell industry plays in clean energy jobs and production and highlights the benefits from government and private industry collaboration.”

Tuesday – Officially National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day!

We celebrated with an announcement about our recent partnership with Mulag to provide hydrogen fuel cell tuggers to the Hamburg Airport. 

We recapped some of the important moments from our first Plug Power Symposium, which took place last month in Latham, NY, for all those who weren’t able to attend. Symposium presentations given by Plug Power management can be found here: https://www.ir.plugpower.com/Home/default.aspx

And VP of Hydrogen, Tim Cortes traveled to the Business Council for Sustainable Energy’s 2019 Annual Membership Meeting in Washington, DC, where he discussed – you guessed it – hydrogen.


We were on hand at the inter airport Europe conference and trade show, where the Mulag tow tractor was exhibited—and Linde also featured their Plug Power fuel cell-powered forklift. 

Additionally, we shared some key moments from VP of Hydrogen Tim Cortes’ House Science Subcommittee on Energy testimony


We announced progress in our partnership with Washington State University (WSU) to research and develop cryogenic hydrogen sub-cooling technology that will vastly improve the transportation and storage of liquid hydrogen. 

On the other side of the country, Director of Sales, John Brazer spoke at the 2019 Southeast Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Symposium, being held at BMW. 


Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, er Week, is coming to a close, but we’ll be celebrating again next month with industry and colleagues at the Fuel Cell Seminar November 5-7th in Long Beach, California. Register today! Plug Power will be displaying our industry-leading fuel cell and hydrogen solutions and CEO, Andy Marsh will be speaking.

Wrapping Up

Plug Power is part of an industry focused on providing clean energy solutions that help wean our world off carbon-based power, while using fuel cells to help increase the efficiency and resiliency of the equipment corporations, municipalities, and individuals rely on every day. We were not the only to celebrate – check out other industry announcements.

Plug Power is leading the industry – innovating and commercializing energy solutions every day.  We hope we’ve been able to share some of our #InfiniteDrive with you this week. We’ll be doing so next week, and the week after, and the week after that—even though it’s not Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day anymore—because this is what we love.