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H2FCSubscriptionPlanPlug Power’s hydrogen and fuel cell solutions boost productivity, improving your bottom line while being clean and safe.

Now, we’re enabling adoption without capital expense to your company and without complicated bank leases.  Plug Power’s subscription plan provides the financial flexibility needed to grow your fleet as the needs of your business evolve.

  • Monthly subscription removes the bank financing hurdles
  • Eliminates upfront capital expense for fuel cells and hydrogen stations
  • Fixed monthly charge is easy to budget, improves the business case and decreases time to break even on investment
  • Customized for each business
  • Includes the U.S. Federal Tax Credit
  • Covers Plug Power’s state-of-the-art fuel cell, hydrogen and service products

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“Hydrogen fuel cells not only provide greater productivity and lower operating costs, but will be an important component of a clean energy future.”  Tom Dziki, UNFI