Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Low Power Applications

Our GenSure fuel cells for low power applications are fully integrated fuel cell systems optimized for backup power generation in scalable blocks of 200W; 1,100W; and 2,500W of power. 

Reliable Fuel Cell Backup Power When It’s Needed

Intended to operate as a valued component of a DC plant, GenSure low power products provide robust, reliable backup power. Our GenSure fuel cell products are zero-emission clean energy solutions fueled by industrial-grade hydrogen. They can affordably provide hundreds of hours of runtime between refueling visits and many years of service for critical equipment. GenSure is the favorable choice regarding total cost of ownership compared to traditional backup power sources.

Key Features

GenSure low power fuel cells offer a weight ratio of approximately 54% of the pounds per square inch of the mass of a generator, and 20% of the pounds per square inch of a similarly-sized battery-only solution with a much longer runtime. Noise is approximately 20 decibels lower, and the vibration non-existent when compared to a generator, making the fuel cell a rooftop winner.

Helping Power Reliable, Cost-Effective Networks


Wireless Telecommunications

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Utility Communication Networks

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First-Responder Networks

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Railroad Communications

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