August 17, 2021

Ole Hoefelmann joined Plug in 2021 and serves as General Manager of the Electrolyzer Solutions business unit. Mr. Hoefelmann is an expert voice in the global hydrogen economy. His career includes an impressive 30-year tenure at Air Liquide S.A., with extensive international experience spanning the US, Korea, France, Spain, Portugal, and Germany. He notably served as CEO for Air Liquide in Iberia, COO Industrial Customers US, Chairman of Air Liquide Advanced Materials, CEO Advanced Technologies US, Vice President Hydrogen Energy Americas, and most recently Vice President Markets, Strategy, Innovation, Strategic Accounts, and Communication for the World Business Line Industrial Merchant.

In these roles, Mr. Hoefelmann led almost 3,000 employees, developed commercialization strategies to scale hydrogen fuel production from small to high-volume manufacturing, influenced safety education and protocol, and accelerated growth in new markets, including transportation. In fact, Mr. Hoefelmann created the Hydrogen Energy Americas organization with the purpose of developing a strong presence in the fuel cell energy transportation sector, resulting in Air Liquide announcing a hydrogen refueling network in collaboration with Toyota in the Northeast US. Additionally, the organization enabled the expansion of Air Liquide’s Hydrogen Fueling Network in California, highlighted by the investment in low carbon hydrogen production and distribution in Nevada.

Mr. Hoefelmann has served as chair and vice-chair for the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) and Vice Chair of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA). He holds an MBA in International Business from Saint Mary’s College in California.