When Customers Ask, the OEMs Know Where to Look

Plug Power GenDrive fuel cell solutionsPlug Power’s GenDrive products are built according to industry standards and fit seamlessly into the existing battery compartment for all major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) lift trucks. Plug Power works closely with North American OEMs to develop specific sales, service and distribution strategies in support of a broad customer base.

Our GenDrive products power lift trucks globally:

Crown Equipment Corporation
Nissan Forklift
The Raymond Corporation
Toyota Material Handling Europe
Toyota Material Handling, USA
Yale Material Handling Corporation

Plug Power’s GenSure (formerly called ReliOn) products are designed to communications and rail industry standards and provide clean, highly reliable power for cost-effective integrated shelter or outdoor cabinet solutions. Plug Power works with a variety of OEM partners in the U.S. and abroad to meet the needs of customers from many different markets.