Plug is the Leader in the Green Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen is the molecule of the green energy revolution — At Plug, we defend it, advocate it and engineer what it takes to deliver complete systems to customers around the world.

Since our founding in 1997, Plug has led the Hydrogen Revolution. We believe that providing access to affordable and reliable green hydrogen energy is key to building a world that is sustainable for generations to come.

With that belief in mind, Plug is bringing the advantages of the total, end-to-end green hydrogen ecosystem — from production, storage and delivery to energy generation — to customers around the world because we’ve seen first-hand how global clients have reaped the tremendous economic and environmental benefits from transitioning to green hydrogen, which have then benefited the communities and industries they serve.

We’re on a mission to help as many customers as possible upgrade to green hydrogen energy. When you think about a greener world — think Plug.

Plug Milestones


Plug becomes a publicly-traded company


Plug releases and ships the first fuel cell systems for stationary power


Plug enters the European market


Plug acquires Cellex and General Hydrogen


Plug deploys the GenKey solution for the first time


Plug acquires ReliOn


Plug completes the first shipment of ProGen fuel cell engines for EVs


Plug acquires American Fuel Cell


Plug acquires EnergyOr


Plug acquires United Hydrogen and Giner ELX


Plug completes joint ventures with Hyvia and SK Group; Acquires Applied Cryo Technologies and Frames Holding B.V.


Plug acquires Joule Processing LLC