Paul Middleton

As CFO, what are your main day-to-day responsibilities?Plug Power CFO Paul Middleton

My role is simply to be a solid business partner to our customers, our management team, and our suppliers. As CFO at Plug, I am responsible for the teams in finance, human resources, and information technology; or as I refer to them, the enabler functions. My challenge daily is to provide financial strategic insight, to promote effective investments in business development, to assure a thoughtful capital management approach, and facilitate the right balance of people, processes, and systems. In short, I have the role of “quarterback” in our enabler support functions.

What long-term impact would you like to have on Plug Power?

I aspire to be one of the driving forces in helping Plug become a large scale global provider in hydrogen power solutions. More specifically, I plan to provide the hands on leadership to build the world class organization, best in class support processes, and leading edge business process systems platform that will be required to enable the substantial growth I anticipate Plug will experience in the near term years to come. Our “game plan” is clear, I just need to execute the “play”.

Why Plug Power?

My decision to join Plug was based on the people, the Company’s commercial opportunities, and the contribution I believe I could personally make. I have found the Plug team to be incredibly passionate, smart, and sincere people that are focused on teamwork and innovation; and even more inspiring, all collectively driven to help customers improve their business and solve problems. In terms of Plug’s commercial opportunities, Plug has developed an alternative energy solution that provides immediate real value to its customers. It’s incredibly exciting to see an emerging industry whereby Plug will clearly be the market leader in what I believe will constitute a substantial market share of industrial power solutions. In regards to my ability to contribute, it’s clear the road ahead for Plug will include a broad range of challenges including global expansion and varied technology investments, for which I have been fortunate to have had great exposure in successful endeavors throughout my career.

In summary, I believe Plug has the right team, we are in the right space, and my personal “game play” can make an important difference.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I see myself in ten years apart of a large, successful, multinational leader in varied hydrogen power applications. I believe Plug will make such a substantial contribution to industry, it will have built a worldwide market legacy as a founding pioneer in and as a growing global market provider of innovative broad based hydrogen solutions. I believe that I can be one of the many factors that helped realize this path, I believe I can develop a personal legacy that my family will be proud of, and I believe I can foresee a long lasting footprint I can make on this emerging global power player. “Give the ball coach”!