Gerard L. Conway, Jr.

As General Counsel and Vice President of Government Affairs, what are your main day-to-day responsibilities?Plug Power General Counsel Gerry Conway

At Plug Power, I wear a multitude of hats. As General Counsel, my responsibilities include addressing regulatory issues, managing the needs of a public company and our subsidiaries, handling SEC and NASDAQ matters and litigation.

The legal department is a partner to all other divisions at the company, and our relationships can be proactive or reactive. In a proactive support function we assist in development, sourcing and selling. Reactively, we’re problem solvers, addressing common issues that arise in a burgeoning company.

As VP Government Relations I work closely with local, state, federal and international government entities. I pursue business development opportunities to partner and gain funding with agencies such as the Department of Energy (DOE) and the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA). I enjoy my responsibilities to the government side of the business because of the entrepreneurial nature of the tasks at hand.

What long-term impact would you like to have on Plug Power?

To be a part of the success that is Plug Power, and deliver value to our shareholders. The relationships I’ve cultivated with agencies such as the SEC and DOE are a contribution to that mission of the Company. Our strengths and weaknesses as an organization are unique, and collectively will make Plug Power prosperous.

Why Plug Power?

I’m fortunate enough to be able to make a difference, not just as a senior manager but as a member of the Plug Power community. I joined the company when it was a young startup, but have stayed for over ten years because addressing the energy issues of the world is important. Aside from selling product, we’re imagining a future of energy independence that’s actually coming to fruition. To be a part of this solution and see the evolution of energy infrastructure is extraordinary. And personally, I want to see this world for my children.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

At Plug Power, telling the story of the unique path we’ve taken, the awesome experiences I’ve had and continuing to be a part of the evolution of the company. The successes that we’ve gained today and will see in our future will open the door to any number of experiences; and it will be an honor to be a part of it.