Andy Marsh

As CEO, what are your main day-to-day responsibilities? Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh

My top priority is to serve as Plug Power’s chief promoter. Advocating to customers, employees, suppliers, investors and government partners I strive to transform the fuel cell landscape on a macro- and micro-scale. I am personally accountable for setting the organization’s goals in terms of sales, product management, and investor support. I also focus on our long-term achievements, not only as we build upon our current business but also as we expand into new markets.

What long-term impact would you like to have on Plug Power?

At Plug Power, we are continually considering markets where fuel cells provide reliable and cost effective solutions. Today, our focus is material handling where our GenDrive fuel cells replace incumbent lead acid-batteries in the electric lift truck market.

Upon my arrival at Plug Power in 2008 it was evident the company was a clear technology leader, but had not developed a market. In two years we’ve transitioned to a single focus, gaining traction in the material handling space with over 85 percent market share for powering forklift trucks with fuel cells.

Long term, Plug Power will provide energy solutions, specifically fuel cell engines, for a variety of applications in which we can replace batteries and internal combustion engines.

Why Plug Power?

With experience, energy, and the right technology anything is possible — I fundamentally enjoy creation and thrive on daily engagement with all stakeholders in the company. As the leader in our industry, Plug Power has the opportunity to develop this new market with cost effective power solutions that have commercial viability and a premier customer base. It is an exciting opportunity.

It’s a privilege to champion our cause and work alongside the dedicated employees who are transforming the alternative energy landscape. Plug Power is a company with unique qualities and passionate people… and the attitude necessary to establish a powerful business.


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I like challenge, and enjoy the creation process of building a valuable enterprise. This drives me and the entire organization to be ultimately successful.

Our current challenge lies in building a substantial customer base and providing them with great products. In ten years I see myself working on the third or fourth generation of challenges facing Plug Power, as we grow into a substantial company.

Most importantly, I’ll continue to steward the Plug Power vision and lead the evolution of this great company.